Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

I think there is probably an unwritten rule that you aren't supposed to blog about other people's blog post about you. It's confusing even saying it!
Still, how often does it happen! Maybe all the time to Angry Chicken, but only once for Floaty Toes Dry Goods.
This amazing stranger wrote about my shop, and I have never been more ecstatically proud or happy!!!!
Here is a link :o)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shout out to Recycled Yarn

Personally, I can't knit. Nor can I crochet. I have skeins, needles, patterns, how-to books. I was just never able to pick it up.
I'm sure I COULD, but I have so many other hobbies that my house is a bit overrun with those supplies as it is, without becoming a yarn collector.

Still, I want to say HOW INCREDIBLY COOL recycled yarn is. I was recently doing a search for lace weight cashmere yarn (which can be pretty pricey), for a project I wanted to commission from my yarn-arts friend. While I was on Etsy I discovered recycled yarn! It had been unraveled from clothing, washed, and made back into a skein. And the people who do it seem to have a great knowledge of their products, naming the material, weight, and washing recommendations of the yarn.

Here is a great shop, called Crafty Yarn. I like how the yarns are separated by material. This is such a great way to reuse old clothing in styles that NO ONE wants to wear anymore. It makes me want to raid the Goodwill for sweaters to unravel!!