Friday, November 28, 2008

the first turkey

This Thanksgiving it was just my son, my boyfriend and me. My parents just recently moved up here, but my Dad had a surgery scheduled in California for this week so they decided to spend Thanksgiving down there while they were in town. Turns out the surgery was canceled though because the doctor who was supposed to perform the operation had to have emergency hip surgery and my Dad will need to reschedule up here!

Anyway, that left me on my own for food preparations which was cool because I had been expecting t do it for almost a whole year anyway since my parents moving here was a big surprise. My boyfriend suggested we cook the turkey breast-side down to get juicy white meat. We decided that a flip toward the end would be good to brown up the skin.

I started it all with Martha Stewart's Perfect Roast Turkey recipe, hence the cheesecloth shroud:

This is the (almost) finished product:

We had to keep putting in back into the oven because the juice from one of the drumsticks wasn't running clear. Finally, we just cut off some breast meat and ate while the rest went back into the oven. I also prepared mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, gravy, rolls, and pumpkin pie! It was awesome and we had some kickass leftovers sandwiches for dinner tonight. We love Thanksgiving!

Oh, and while we were eating my son said, "Thanks for Thanksgiving!" So cute! It warmed my heart!

the last dahlia

This is my last dahlia of the season.


best idea ever!!

So, you know those new ketchup bottles that came out recently? The kind that you keep upside down and have a valve-y thing so they ketchup doesn't leak out? Well, I've come up with a great way to reuse these babies! Put your dish soap in them! I mean, I'm surprised that I came up with this before Palmolive did, but I did! I was just at the store on Tuesday buying Thanksgiving stuff and there was nothing of the sort in the dish soap aisle. I also use a giant bottle like this for my body wash in the shower. I think some of the body washes are using this type of bottle, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, here's my picture:

Monday, November 17, 2008

burrito head wrap!

Long time, no post!! Hi!

I just made this hat thing based on Knitty: Winter 2006 - calorimetry pattern, but like double the size. I still plan on making another that is made directly from the pattern, but it's getting dang cold here and I needed a good head coverin'. I used dive Autumno 100% Merino Wool.


  • I love how it crosses in the back rather than just buttoning at the tips.
  • I like how it covers most of my head, leaving whatever sweet hair-do I'm sporting exposed.
  • I like how I could wear it with a ponytail.
  • The wrapping/unwrapping feature is good for no f-ing up a sweet hair-do.