Friday, August 29, 2008

Artists that I am loving

I thought I would share some artists that I have lately been drooling over. Etsy is a great place to find amazing art from people who aren’t quite discovered, and so have reasonable prices. A print for $20? I’ll take it!

The reason I like this artist is the same reason I like Marimekko: black lines and bright colors. To me it feels clean and brilliant. This print is called The Water Village and sells for $27.

I actually love this print so much that I bought it! It currently sits on my fireplace mantle, waiting for me to find the perfect frame. I love its absurdity and its refusal to explain (in a good way!). This print is called The Bird Bus and sells for $20.

This is quite different than any other art that I usually like. I find it disturbing in such a delightful way. This is a real painting, not a print! Alas, I cannot afford it in all its glory, at $750, but I’m sure it will find a good home. This painting is called Edward and Lola at Night.

Again, crisp black lines, clear colors. This artist uses a screen-printing technique. The style reminds me of old children’s books that used only a couple of colors, like this. This print is called Monster Attack and sells for $18.

This girl is incredible and the reason I love her stuff so much is because it reminds me of Edward Gorey. Lots of black, and lots of the ‘etched’ look (although not in this exact print). It’s a technique that not a lot of artists are using these days that I happen to miss. It definitely gives the pictures a darker feel to them. This print is called Mohair Horse and Rider and sells for $25.

I have to mention this person, even though she is not on Etsy. Her name is Lart Cognac Berliner (coolest name ever!). I don’t remember how I found her, but once I did I immediately bought a bunch of her stuff, including an amazing day planner, and this limited edition print that you see here. The detail is almost ridiculous. This print is called Cosmic Forest and sells for $18.

THANK YOU to all the artists for letting me mention you, use your pictures, and link to your shops. I love you all!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quickest. Project. Ever.

So, I was browsing on the internet looking for a heating pad and all of a sudden I thought, 'I wonder if there is a hippy homemade way to make my own heating pad?'
I introduce to you the RICE BAG.
It's just what it sounds like, a bag of rice. Seriously, that's it.
If you go on Etsy you will find a lot of people selling these in different sizes; some good for necks, eyes, wrist pads (like when using a mouse), tummys, and even booboo sized! You can make small square ones and put them in the freezer, and put them on booboos later. This would be an awesome (and super cheap) alternative for kids who hate ice packs.
For me, I like them warm. Pop it into the microwave for about one minute at a time. Each microwave is different, and the size of the bag and the amount of rice will also have an affect. For my bag, 2 minutes is pretty good.
What kind of rice do you use? Any kind! Brown, white, whatever. Some people use flaxseeds in there too, or a combination of both. And if you want, throw in some dried lavender or other scents you like!
How much rice do you use? I was using a pitcher when I poured mine in, so I only know the amount in fluid ounces, which turned out to be 55 fluid ounces. You don't want it to be too full...make it floppy so it can mold to your body.
What kind of fabric do you use? I would suggest 100% cotton, because it will be unaffected in the microwave. You could make the rice bag with muslin, and make a cover with another fabric, if you want the option of washing it.
How long will it last? You will notice, surprise surprise, that it smells like rice. If you use it a lot of have it for a while, it will eventually have a cooked rice smell. At this point you might want to open it up and switch it out for new rice.
This took me about five minutes from beginning to end!!!
P.S. I used Kaffe Fassett fabric :o)