Friday, December 12, 2008

I got some new patterns!

Okay, actually they are old patterns. Adorable, right?

I love Peter Pan collars!!!
If I saw this coat in a store, I would pay good money for it!
Empire! Raglan! Darts!
This is the best one. Coat for Mateo, maybe....?
Mateo, is that you? It will be!

Monday, December 8, 2008

apple cozy!!!!!!

Floaty Toes told me about these so I went on a hunt for a free pattern and found it here @ Vegan Lunch Box - Apple Cozy Pattern. This pattern has a variation for pears at the end. That link will also lead you to banana and orange cozies. I will be gifting mine at the office holiday party this week. What's awesome about the red color is that it looks kind of like the marbling in a steak. I think I love it and will be sad to part with it, but, hey, I'm broke!

Apple cozy porn: