Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Customers are cool

I just want to say a few quick words about my Etsy customers. They really rock. They are so nice, say such cool things, AND the best part is that they have awesome ideas. Sometimes a customer will ask for something that isn't in my store, but they just had an idea. And that is SO FUN. I love doing that stuff. They give me a fresh perspective on my supplies.

My favorite thing was this one pair of earrings. The original design sells REALLY WELL. They are probably my most popular item. They are called 'Protons Fig Neutons' and have this neat balancing mobile thing. One of my shoppers wanted them with different colors of pearls instead of the blue glass beads they normally have. I worked with her to get the color combinations just right, and they turned out phenomenal. She loves them, and I
love them too!

And now I can put that new item in my shop, because if two people love them, maybe more will!
Here are pictures of the original design and the new design.

Props to great customers!!

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