Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'll post in red and detail my day a little bit. It was a things filled day. First, the I got this sweet litter box, delivered at about 10AM. I promptly put it together and waited for it's first use so I could test the awesomeness. Then, I took the little guy over to the cafe on the corner so he could make some juice and hang out with the dudes from his daycare. I came home and there was a little surprise for me to 'rollaway' out of the new litter box. Awesomeness confirmed! Later, I made a delicious breakfast for Nick and myself consisting of fried eggs, fried potatoes, turkey bacon for me, sausage for the big guy and English muffins. By the time breakfast was cooked, consumed and cleared from the table, it was time to pick up the little guy and send him off to Granny and Pappa's House. While exchanging Valentines and gathering overnight stuff for the little guy, my new camera arrived in the mail! I put it aside to I could open it after everyone left. Then, they left, so I opened all of my regular mail and left descended upon my little box from I immediately put in the battery and card and began snapping pictures. We decided that we should finally exchange gifts... I got a sweet garden gnome and some new ice cube trays (not the first time I have received ice cube trays as a gift, incidentally). He got The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. As I was playing with my camera and loading pictures onto my computer, the Nick said he wanted to go to The ReBuilding Center. So we hopped on the bus and went! When we were walking to The ReBuilding Center from the bus stop, we passed by a little taqueria called Por Que No and decided that we should eat dinner there later. The RBC was totally awesome and we will probably get a few things there when we move into our new place later this month.

Dudes, Por Que No was totally amazing.
It was like Tiajuana style tacos but more fancy. I'm not much of a food reviewer, but I know good tacos when I eat 'em and these were good tacos!

Once back at home I decided that my new camera needed a cozy so I looked for some knitting patterns on ye olde internet and didn't really see anything that caught my fancy, but I did find a sewing pattern, Amy a la Mode's Cozy Camera Case Tutorial.
I did modify it to make things easier on myself. Firstly, I did not quilt it, rather I used two layers of kids' flannel fabric. I also augmented the dimensions to fit my camera. I also did not do the binding thing because, well, I don't know how! I used a button for closure instead of a snap and added and extra button hole at the top to feed the wrist strap through. Oh, and I omitted the pocket because I couldn't figure out a use for it.

Some lovely pictures of the cozy with Nick's lovely camera doing the modeling:

Please also note that all images shown in this post were taken with the new camera. Kickass, right?!?!?!

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Floaty Toes said...

how i love thee (marissa's blog post)
let me count the ways

1. brown camera
2. best. litterbox. ever.
3. kickass horse fabric
4. i heart richard dawkins