Saturday, December 22, 2007

No gnomes

My dream induced gnome quilt was not approved, having a boy in the house. I understand. I do. But I must quilt. I am still going to plan this quilt so that I can work on it all year. I have decided after much deliberation that the best quilt for my skill level AND for the amount of fabric patterns I want to use, Denyse Schmidt's Flock of Triangles quilt is PERFECT. I found this site here, where it shows a picture. Of course, the instructions are for a crib sized quilt, and I am going to make a king sized quilt. My love of oranges and yellows and warm patterns are probably overwhelming sometimes, so I am going to try really hard not to make it orange. Even though I really want to. But perhaps I could compromise with greens, say from Joel Dewberry's Aviary collection?

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