Friday, November 30, 2007

5 victims in 4 graves

As usual, the title has nothing to do with the post, I just watched Sleepy Hollow recently. Anyway, I finished a second baby hat for my old friend from high school. This is the first hat. They are both on my Etsy page in the sold section. If you want your own, let me know!!

So on to the technical stuff... I modified the pattern from Crochet Today Magazine mentioned in this post to accommodate for a 4-5 month-old's tiny head. Firstly, I used an I/9 hook and Red Heart yarn in Soft Navy. Then, on the band, I decreased the number of stitches wide and decreased the number of rows. I followed the same basic pattern for the crown and brim. The earflaps were freehand... I learned the basics of making them from past earflap hats: basically decrease at each end on every other row, if that makes sense.... Until I got down to 2 stitches and just built on those until they were long enough to be ties. So there you have it! Weeeee!!

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