Friday, November 30, 2007

New toys and new projects

Well, they are toys to me anyway! I got a new iron (fantastic!), and cutting mat and a rotary cutter. This is my first rotary cutter. I'm basically just finding out what it can and cannot do. The iron replaced an old wonderful iron that just finally died. It had a great run. But this new Upright steam rocks.

I have not been able to post for a while because of (A) not having a working camera and (B) being on vacation. But that doesn't mean I wasn't busy! I bought a new camera (sorry I can't take a picture of it, ha! It's a Canon 720). Here are some works in progress.....
An embroidery project for a Christmas gift...I'm not going to say to who!

The beginning of the felt garland. The pattern is here, from the lovely Anna Maria.

The beginning of a purse for my sister, which I could have finished in one sitting, had I not decided to make it lined. I didn't have a yard of anything suitable, so it's off to the fabric store tonight! I rarely go shopping for fabric with a specific project in mind; this should be fun.

And lastly, some fabrics with destinies! Brown corduroy for another purse, holiday plaid for pillows, and a beautiful brocade for another (commissioned!) bag. So many projects, so little time!

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