Tuesday, November 6, 2007

chicaligwats- quilted heating pad cover




The modified heating pad cover is awesome. It is modified because I was using a pattern from Quilts by Denyse Schmidt and the finished product was for a smaller heating pad than I have. I had to add the 2 side panels on the front and an extra panel on the back. I used fusible Velcro instead of the sticky back stuff and it really worked out great!! I can't stand trying to sew through sticky back Velcro. Also, I ended up short on muslin because I bought the amount specified in the pattern and ended up just using the ugly blue cover that came with the heating pad as my quilt back and size template. All in all, it came out pretty spectacularly.

Now I can have the heating pad out on the couch and it looks nice, not like, well, a heating pad.

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