Saturday, November 10, 2007

the importance of making a gauge swatch

So, I made a hat using the "newsboy cap" pattern in Crochet Today magazine from Feb/Mar '07. It is for my friend Amanda's birthday. I followed the suggestion of the pattern to use a size J/10 hook and made no gauge swatch. It came out kind of squat and too big around.

I waited a few days and decided to try a again with an I/9 hook. This time I made a gauge swatch and it matched up the the specifications in the pattern. The hat came out perfectly and will definitely fit a human head (see photos) unlike the previous attempt which will most likely be a better on a bovine.

Also, please excuse my modeling, I will get a wig form for future hat/ head wear photos. =]

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Floaty Toes said...

Personally I like the bigger hats...good for poofy hair.